We’re getting so excited for an upcoming textile event with Chairloom and Apartment Therapy to reupholster furniture and wanted to share some how-to’s and inspiration for Upholstery 101!

Our embroidered linen fabric is a great choice for stools, chairs, settees, and basically anything you can imagine recovering! A couple years ago we even took it upon ourselves to build and upholster a whole BED, you can follow our step-by-step DIY here. We’ve upholstered dozens of chairs over the years that we’ve used for studio hangs, napping spots for 100 + pound dogs, and to enjoy in our own homes with daily use. You can also consult with your upholsterer and ask if they recommend backing the fabric, which is a standard way to reinforce the fabric for extra strength.

Happy World Oceans Day! 

World Oceans Day is a day designated by the UN for celebrating and bringing awareness to our oceans. It is also a day for action! Oceanic animals and the sea itself have long inspired us, from our very first pillow design, Very Hungry Whale, to our name, Coral & Tusk. In honor of World Oceans Day, we’d love to take a moment to appreciate all the reasons why oceans are both inspiring and important and also talk about a few things we can all do to help keep our oceans healthy.