Berber Quartz Ivory Fabric on Ottoman, Leopard Pattern Fabric on Chair, Diamond Edge Citrus Vermilion 12″ x 16″ Pillow, Intricate Diamond 16” x 16” Pillow


Make Your Room Roar

Our Jungle inspired spring collection was designed with decorating in mind! We’ve added our own embroidered spin to classic motifs found in timeless interiors. From big cats to lush greenery to vibrant animal patterns, Safari Style has long been a staple in traditional and eclectic interiors alike. To celebrate the launch of our new decor driven collection, our Head of Fabric Lynsey Erin Hirth painted dream house scenes featuring our new designs in artful interiors.

Desert Dining

June is officially in full swing and the long days and warm weather have us ready to attend backyard BBQs and host our own outdoor gatherings. We debuted our Desert Collection last fall and we’re ready to finally set our summer tables with our embroidered linens of colorful cacti and desert dwellers. We put together a few tips on how to set a table fit for a solstice soiree complete with a tequila cocktail recipe!

Happy World Oceans Day! 

World Oceans Day is a day designated by the UN for celebrating and bringing awareness to our oceans. It is also a day for action! Oceanic animals and the sea itself have long inspired us, from our very first pillow design, Very Hungry Whale, to our name, Coral & Tusk. In honor of World Oceans Day, we’d love to take a moment to appreciate all the reasons why oceans are both inspiring and important and also talk about a few things we can all do to help keep our oceans healthy.

We are excited to be celebrating a DECADE since Stephanie Housley founded Coral & Tusk! What an incredible 10 years it’s been! So much has evolved through her hard work and perseverance to get to where we are today. We wanted to share Stephanie’s story, starting with the leap she took when she purchased her first embroidery machine, working out of her small Brooklyn apartment to hiring her first employees and quitting her day job to captain C&T full time out of our first studio space. From her early start at the Brooklyn Flea, to exhibiting at international trade shows and selling to over 200 stores worldwide, Stephanie’s hand-drawn, embroidered illustrations remain our connecting thread.

Stephanie in her studio. Photo by Will Ellis.



Born and raised in the Ohio Valley, Stephanie comes from a long line of Appalachian women who could make something from nothing. Her great-grandmother made lace while her grandmother made dolls, each instilling Stephanie with a deep appreciation for self-expression through craft. Stephanie always did hand-embroidery for fun, she constantly had a project going. Transferring to the School for Creative & Performing Arts in high school from neighborhood public schools, opened her eyes to a whole new world and she saw opportunities that she never realized existed. After taking a year off in between highschool and college and working as an apprentice making stained glass windows, she applied to Rhode Island School of Design. Much to her delight, she was accepted and received a scholarship to attend. The first in her family to attend college, she received a BFA in Textiles from RISD and moved to NYC in February of 1999, where she worked as a textile designer for a woven fabric mill that produced interior fabrics until October of 2012.

Logo tag evolution from upper left → lower left → today’s embroidered tag.



Coral & Tusk was founded on December 26th, 2007 by Stephanie with the idea of translating her hand-drawn illustrations into tactile embroidered textiles. With the initial partnership of her husband Chris Lacinak, Coral & Tusk began as a side business. First inspired to recreate the beloved childhood game Memory as gift for a friend, she started hand embroidering each alphabet pair. After countless hours stitching, she began to wonder if there was a faster way to embroider 26 sets of matching cards, so she did a little research. She knew she needed something smaller scale that would translate the detail of her drawings and convey the hand-embroidered feel. While flipping through Martha Stewart Living, she noticed a photo of Martha’s own craft room which featured an embroidery machine. After tracking down the same machine, a Husqvarna Viking Designer SE, Stephanie took a leap of faith. The machine itself was a huge investment, inspiring Stephanie to find a way to justify the purchase and support paying the machine off. Setting up shop at the Brooklyn Flea, she embroidered and sold Onesies, T-shirts, Accessories, and the Sea and Match Game, which started it all.



With the launch of our Spring Summer Collection we are excited to introduce pillows, stationery, and accessories that draw on one of our favorite destinations, Japan! Our travel expeditions come to life in a series of new embroideries inspired by the landscape, architecture, rich traditions, landmark visits, amazing meals and animal folklore as experienced by owner Stephanie Housley and colleague Asumi Tomita in December 2015. Here we will dive into the details of their trip and share inspiration behind each design!



Our A Wish to Protect Pocket Pillow is inspired by Stephanie and Asumi’s visit to the Fox Shrine in Kyoto. Endangered species appear on the bold orange gate where visitors are invited to inscribe their greatest wishes and hopes. Our wish is to protect animals who face harm and extinction. Wishing Fox Pal lights a candle with his fellow animals in mind.

A Wish to Protect Pocket Pillow” には特別な思いが込められています。このデザインには、ステファニーが日本で体験した思い出と、絶滅危機にある動物達を守りたいという思いをこめています。




Stephanie was extremely taken by the beauty and peaceful nature found at the Fox Shrine along with the concept of foxes as messengers. When interpreting her own experience visiting the shrine, Stephanie included detailed drawings of leaves and ferns to give a sense of serenity to the A Wish to Protect design.

raccoon_abode_pocket_indigo coral_and_tusk_011217-101

Raccoon Abode Pocket Pillow is a culmination of sites and scenes that stood out to Stephanie in each city and town she ventured to in Japan. The Raccoon’s abode is adorned with traditional good luck charms including a Shimenawa to the left of the door and a mask to ward off evil spirits, above the window. Lucky Raccoon, peeking outside of his door, is drawn from traditional. ceramic raccoon dogs, or Tanukis, that are placed outside many homes in Japan for good fortune. The Tanuki statue looks charming yet mischievous, Stephanie brought his jovial presence to our Lucky Raccoon Pal.