Coral & Tusk Summer Hostess Gifts

Coral Forest Tablerunner    //   Coral Forest Dinner Napkin    //    Sea Horse Love Tea Towel    //    Narwhal Love Tea Towel    //    Whale Love Tea Towel    //    Sea Turtle Cocktail Napkin    //    Hermit Crab Cocktail Napkin
Top and bottom left photograph by Kate Lacey

We love a summer get-together and what better way to thank your favorite party planner than with a Coral & Tusk hostess gift! Whether you’re going to a sunny beach BBQ or a dreamy weekend retreat in the country, our gift ideas say thank you to a special hostess!


Coral & Tusk Mascot and cane corso mastiff Paco’s Holiday gift guide for dog lovers!


Paco is Coral & Tusk’s official mascot and owner Stephanie Housley’s beloved dog that she got from the Cane Corso Rescue Organization. He comes to the Brooklyn studio every day greeting visitors and providing endless hours of entertainment. We are happy to get so many questions about him and talk about his journey to us through adoption and how thankful we are that he ended up in our lives. He has some favorite items to recommend for the dog lover on your list this Christmas!